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Better mindset. Better lifestyle…

Health and fitness seems to be a big struggle for many of us out there and personally, I think that as with many things, media’s portrayal (social media, television, magazines, etc) of it doesn’t always present reality and tends to encourage unrealistic goals based on an unrealistic journey. My hope is to shine some light on this as an everyday working mom who has to juggle life and live a full life while making sure health and fitness remain a priority.

In this day and age of the social media scroll and quick snippets of an individual’s life, there’s a culture that has brewed of “#goals” that sets so many of us up for failure. It’s this idea that this fraction of someone’s life is EXACTLY what we want and achievable in the same manner in which they were able to accomplish it. Whether it be something as simple as hairstyles, perfect makeup, or a new fashion sense or something as grand as a loving and flawless marriage or beach- ready body in 90 days. We’ve come accustomed to the idea that instant gratification and results is the only way and the true way of life. But let’s be real, it’s NOT!! The average adult is NOT making millions of dollars and has an entire team of people to support their life. The average adult does NOT wake up every day with the only “job” to do being “hit the gym”. We are out here trying to work our 9-5 (or even longer) hours that pay the bills. We are out here trying to cram tons of information into our brain at an alarming rate to get that degree our family is watching us achieve, we are out here trying to raise babies and make sure that they are well-rounded and whole human beings. We are trying to stay connected to our friends and let loose every now and then for happy hour or reconnecting on a girls/guys only trip to some tropical place where all the stories will remain and never to be spoken about. We are out here LIVING and trying our best to stay healthy in the midst of it all.

So when we see someone who is able to never miss a workout, we feel like we need to do better .When we see someone has their meal prep on point even as they pack their bags to be in Bora Bora for 2 weeks, we immediately shame ourselves for eating a maple bacon donut at the office last week. But this is not my goal. MY goal is to show you all that life can be lived and enjoyed and ALL the things of your life can be “#Goals” as long as you remember it’s all about balance and truth. Being honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to go. Realizing that the life of others is not the baseline but taking where YOUR life is, planning and prioritizing every aspiration you have and making it happen. Maybe not in 90 days but surely with realistic intentions, you’ll get there. But the timeline of your timeline is NOT the #Goal.

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